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Tea Amo

Tea Amo Wellness: Lemondrop Tea

Tea Amo Wellness: Lemondrop Tea

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Sweet and oh so refreshing, our Lemondrop tea blend is every lemon lover’s dream come true. Our herbal fruit tea blend features golden pineapple and lots of full and fresh lemon goodness


Lemon tea is an amazing detoxifier, aiding your liver in filtering toxins and aiding digestion. Its sweet, refreshing flavor is a delightful alternative to sugary juices or high-caffeine drinks - so try it hot or cold, whatever your preference!


Lemondrop steeps up a fragrant clear yellow infusion; at first sip, juicy golden pineapple sweetness takes the lead and bright sweet lemon follows, it finishes with a full, sweet, juicy lemon taste that lingers on and on



  • (10-15 Business Days for batch processing)

  • 1lb Wholesale (loose leaf) Bag - Contact us here for wholesale minimums & ordering/invoicing instructions

Potential Therapeutic Properties: Antioxidant | Anti Inflammatory | Immunity Boosting | Metabolism Boosting | Blood Pressure Aid | Blood Sugar Aid | Natural Diuretic | Liver Support | Digestion Support | Heart Health | Dermal Protection 

  • INGREDIENTS: Lemon Peel, Red Currants, Apple Pieces, Pineapple Pieces, Lemon Oil, Sugared Apricots, and Lemon Granules 
  • CAFFEINE: 0 
  • FORMAT: 10 Teabags or Loose Leaf
  • WEIGHT: 3.0 oz


*This information is not intended to diagnose, heal, treat, cure, or prevent any disease*

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
M. (North Carolina)
Absolutely DELICIOUS!

Tea Amo has NEVER missed with the quality of their teas and this flavor is no different! Lemondrop is so smooth with a hint of sweetness and the lemon notes hit just right! I love it!! Can't wait to order more!

Flavor bomb - so good!

Tastes exactly as described. So good!

J.R. (Missouri)

I have purchased twice since my first purchase. This tea is amazing. Thank you for making such a great tea.

M. (Florida)
Don’t Play Yourself! Get this Tea!

A favorite amongst the people, and for good reason. If you enjoy citrus, Lemondrop is the tea for you. If you’re just trying out teas, Lemondrop is the tea for you. It sells out fast, so if you are lucky enough to get some don’t hesitate to buy two of it!

S.J. (Pennsylvania)
Lemondrop Tea

The Lemondrop Tea exceeded my expectations. It was absolutely delicious! A special thanks to Tony Baker for posting his video!

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