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Blend Name: Black Lemonade - 1lb


ūüĆĪTea Amo's Wholesale Program! ūüĆĪ






Expand your tea offerings and delight in Tea Amo's exquisite loose leaf teas through our Wholesale Program!
We're thrilled to offer you access to our premium, luxury loose leaf teas at wholesale quantities; carefully curated from the finest estates worldwide


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Tea Amo, a name synonymous with the essence of fine tea, is thrilled to unveil an exciting new offering: our most sought-after tea blends, now available in generous wholesale quantities. This delightful expansion allows you to embark on a captivating tea journey, where every sip promises an unparalleled symphony of flavors that will tantalize your taste buds and leave you yearning for more.

At Tea Amo, we understand that consistency is the key to creating a memorable tea experience. With every brew, you can expect an impeccably reliable flavor profile that speaks volumes about our dedication to excellence. We take pride in sourcing only the finest tea leaves from the most esteemed tea gardens, ensuring that each batch meets our stringent standards of freshness and flavor.

We invite you to elevate your tea offerings and enchant your customers with the captivating allure of Tea Amo's wholesale tea blends. Whether you're a boutique teahouse, an esteemed restaurant, or a passionate tea retailer, our collection of specially blended teas is poised to become the heart and soul of your tea menu.

As you delve into the world of Tea Amo's finest blends, you'll discover the profound joy of sharing the art of tea with others, creating cherished moments that bond over the love of this time-honored beverage. Allow us to be your partners in tea indulgence, as we unlock the secrets of flavor, aroma, and quality in every cup, making each tea-drinking experience an unforgettable symphony of delight.



*10 - 15 Business Days for batch processing*

*1lb Wholesale (loose leaf) Bags*


  • Black Lemonade:¬†Experience a delectable¬†cup of¬†perfection with our Black Lemonade tea, featuring the richness of black tea leaves blended effortlessly with creamy panna cotta, zesty lemon, and toasted almond slices in every sip

  • Caramel Almond Creme:¬†Indulge in the divine harmony of our¬†Caramel Almond Creme tea, where smooth, melted caramel is elevated to heavenly heights with a hint of exquisite African Pearl salt. This blend¬†goes beyond the ordinary, featuring a generous medley of cream-caramel, almond, and brittle pieces that contribute to the creation of this truly noble blend. Every sip is a journey through layers of rich and velvety caramel, enhanced by the subtle play of salt, creating a sensation that is nothing short of extraordinary.
  • Caramel Apple Pie Chai:¬†This delicious infusion of apples and spice creates a spiced apple chai tea blend that is juicy and sweet like a warm cup of¬†apple cider with a sprinkle of cinnamon.¬†Each¬†cup brings out the full flavor of the cinnamon, cardamom, Masala spices, and a crisp caramel apple.

  • Chai Delights:¬†Welcome some balance and a little bit of wonderful to your day! We have found the ultimate sweet and fragrant chai blend. We¬†loveeeeee the balance of sweet, spiced, rich, and light; our¬†Chai Delights blend¬†provides you with just that in a truly delicious and balanced cup of tea

  • Chamomile:¬†Chamomile flowers provide a classic herbal infusion, featuring their vibrant yellow color and sweet honey-like aroma. Enjoy relaxation in a cup!
  • Chamomile Apple Treat:¬†Chamomile Apple Treat is a rich tasting herbal blend of golden harvest apples, bright and cheery chamomile blossoms and sweet, sweet cinnamon!
  • Coconut Strawberry Tart:¬†Tea Amo's Coconut Strawberry Tart tea draws its inspiration from the delectable aroma and flavors of freshly baked pastries. Imbued with a delightful touch of almond, reminiscent of classic cookies, and enhanced with a subtle infusion of lavender and hibiscus, this tea offers a unique and refreshing sweet¬†fruit floral twist
  • Early Grey:¬†Unleash your inner Earl Grey aficionado with our top-tier Ceylon and Yunnan blend, infused with the finest French bergamot aroma for a truly exceptional citrus-kissed tea experience!
  • English Breakfast:¬†Our English Breakfast tea is an exquisite, traditional second flush summer brew, cultivated organically for superior quality, boasting a powerful scent and a deep, luxurious burgundy hue
  • Fruit Mocktail:¬†Our Fruit Mocktail is the perfect blend of goji berries, together with ruby pomegranate and luscious mango! This delicious tea blend is packed with antioxidants, making it a great choice for a nutrient-rich start to your day.
  • Healing Hemp:¬†A blend of classic herbs and hemp leaf, our Healing Hemp Tea may provide assistance from anxious feelings and physical tension, combat nausea, and potentially aid chronic aches Its combination of natural ingredients provide a soothing cup of tea that may help support your day-to-day health.
  • Lavender Lemonade:¬†Unlock a world of sheer indulgence with our herbal blend, brimming with whole raspberries, fragrant lavender, zesty lemon verbena, soothing chamomile, and aromatic fennel. Let the juicy raspberries and delicate lavender weave a light and delicious symphony of flavors in every sip!
  • Lemon Matcha Dreams:¬†Everyone knows of the many benefits of including green tea¬†in¬†your daily life, but we‚Äôve taken it to the next level with this super detox blend! We‚Äôve included matcha and a hint of yerba mate in our Lemon¬†Matcha Dreams tea for even more powerful detoxifying properties!
  • Lemondrop:¬†Sweet and oh so refreshing, our¬†Lemondrop tea blend is every lemon lover‚Äôs dream come true. Our herbal fruit tea blend features golden pineapple and lots of full and fresh lemon goodness
  • Life's A Peach:¬†Our perfected ode to peach-inspired goodness, Life's A Peach,¬†is a¬†fun peachy-orange colored infusion that lets off a sugared peach aroma.¬†At first sip,¬†it starts with a burst of pear and pineapple sweetness, and quickly follows with a fragrant peach syrup that lovingly lingers
  • Matcha Berry Latte:¬†Get ready for a berrylicious matcha experience where strawberry and pure matcha blend harmoniously! Our¬†Matcha Berry Latte is naturally sweetened with cane sugar and free from artificial colors, preservatives, or chemical additives, making it the perfect guilt-free treat.
  • Matcha Blue Latte:¬†Elevate your tea experience with our Matcha Blue Latte, a contemporary spin on a Japanese favorite. Delight in the harmonious blend of premium Matcha's complex flavors with the natural sweetness and enticing aroma of fresh blueberries, creating a sensory treat that's simply unmatched.
  • Matcha Vanilla Latte:¬†Experience the goodness of Grade 1 organic Matcha, harvested during the first pick, fused with natural vanilla flavor and sweetened with cane sugar in our Matcha Vanilla Latte. Discover the wellness benefits of Matcha, boasting natural vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants for your mental and physical well-being, all without any artificial additives.
  • Mocha Latte Yaya:¬†Indulge in the uniqueness of this exquisite blend adorned with creamy yogurt, a touch of cocoa, delectable chocolate, and freshly roasted coffee beans, all harmonizing to create a rich and delightful flavor experience!
  • Moringa Morning:¬†Harnessing the power of sea buckthorn and moringa, Moringa Morning Tea is a soothing infusion with remarkable anti-inflammatory effects! Dive into its¬†irresistible taste as you get energized with its restorative properties
  • Pekoe Ceylon Black:¬†This¬†Pekoe Ceylon tea is unmatched in terms of quality and strength, and we think you'll agree... this truly is a drink to be savored! Savor the bold, aromatic flavor of this special organic blend. It's sure to be a standout in your morning cup
  • Pineapple Ginger Twist:¬†Pineapple¬†Ginger Twist is such a fun herbal tea¬†spin on a traditional lemonade, with the perfect combination of that classic tangy, sweet, tropical goodness that only pineapple can bring
  • Raspberry Creme:¬†Immerse yourself in the vibrant world of our super fruity Raspberry Creme¬†tea, a tantalizing blend bursting with an abundance of berries complemented by generous portions of apples and pineapples. This creation stands as the quintessential choice for those seeking the perfect red fruit infusion. Rich, juicy flavors of delectable berries intertwine with a touch of vanilla, creating a blend that's as indulgent as it is refreshing.
  • Raspberry Lemonade:¬†Tea Amo's Raspberry Lemonade tea is an infusion crafted with a delightful combination of lemon verbena, lemongrass, lemon peel, and raspberry pieces. This carefully curated blend offers a harmonious fusion of gentle raspberry sweetness and invigorating lemon zest, resulting in a truly satisfying and calming herbal elixir
  • Sencha Green:¬†From the moment you set eyes on the meticulously processed, vibrant green tea leaves, you'll know you're in for a treat. Upon infusion, the full leaf structure is revealed, unveiling a brilliant yellow cup and a delightfully sweet, grassy flavor that's sure to enchant any Sencha connoisseur!
  • Sip -N- Chill:¬†Tea Amo presents Sip -N- Chill Tea, a specially crafted herbal blend that combines the therapeutic properties of nettle, hemp leaf, and peppermint to induce a state of deep relaxation.
  • Sweet Dreams:¬†Sweet Dreams¬†is an intoxicating blend of flowers, and herbs meant to encourage a blissfully sound sleep. If you‚Äôre looking for a new sleepy time tea, here is a unique and fresh floral blend that is mild and effective
  • Tropical Orchard Symphony:¬†Under its seemingly innocent facade, this blend is crafted from apple pieces, carrot flakes, and pineapple cubes, steering clear of acidic elements like hibiscus and rose hip. But be prepared for delightful surprises!¬†The apple pieces in this concoction carry a subtle tang, while biting into the intense, juicy, lemony ingredient will bring an instant smile to your face.
  • Uji Matcha:¬†Energize your day the organic way with¬†our Uji Matcha ‚Äď an antioxidant-rich green tea for tea lovers seeking a daily sip of health and simplicity!
  • Vanilla Grey Moonlight:¬†Vanilla Grey Moonlight is a delicate tea blended to perfection with citrusy Bergamot, heady vanilla and a hint of pure jasmine - our¬†homage twist on¬†the classic Earl Grey...¬†Vanilla Grey Moonlight is truly a refined tea
  • West Coast Mint:¬†This exquisite blend represents the perfect harmony between two of the most renowned herbal teas, ensuring that this mint tea stands the test of time as a classic and beloved infusion.¬†Our West Coast Mint blend is characterized by its cooling sensation, fresh essence, captivating aroma, and inherent healing properties.



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