Tea Amo Wellness: Pink Moringa (Organic) Tea

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Pink Moringa is a delightful blend with a delicate fresh harvested berries taste! Moringa (also known as Jacinto or Drumstick tree) is a small tree from India and Nepal that is a powerful antioxidant. It has been used for generations in the East to assist diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, anemia, arthritis, liver disease, and respiratory disorders, skin problems, and heal digestive disorders


Once steeped, the aroma is mild, pleasant and herbal; Moringa has a gentle flavor that is similar to nettle, it is “green” tasting, natural and very herbaceous. The addition of abundant strawberry slices adds a pleasant fresh berry touch to the healthy herbal infusion



Potential Therapeutic Properties: Antioxidant | Immunity Boosting | Mood Assistance | Blood Pressure Aid | Blood Sugar Aid | Antibacterial | Digestion Support | Natural Diuretic | Heart Health | Dermal Protection | Liver/Gallbladder Stimulant
  • INGREDIENTS: Organic Moringa Leaves, Strawberry Slices, Apple Bits, Fennel, Raspberry Bits, Hibiscus Blossom, and Strawberry Leaves
  • FORMAT: 10 Teabags or Loose Leaf
  • WEIGHT: 2.0 oz