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Great for headaches

I drink this tea whenever I have a headache and it works wonders!

The best tea ever

This tea is amazing

Apple Treat Tea

Delicious! I love the taste! It reminds me of apple cider in the fall!

So good!!

All the Tea Amo teas are good! But this one…. Add a little honey and you’re in heaven! So good.

Great aroma... perfect for morning time!


Something so magical about this lovely take on Earl Grey! This one will make you feel sophisticated!

I love these beautifully crafted teas, they’re HEAVENLY!

I loved every flavor of tea that I purchased. They all smelled so fresh and delicious! I also loved the tins they came in with the tiny scoop. They we’re packed so nicely and arrived fast. It made me feel like I was opening a present to myself ☺️


Every. Single. Tea! Every one was fantastic. The owners are fun, kind, helpful, and the teas themselves are just delicious. “Sip-N-Chill” is a great way to end the day. It even helps calm things down in a busy afternoon. I’m glad I bought a bunch!

Tea Amo Wellness: Pekoe Ceylon Black (Organic) Tea


I first got the tea with my face wash pack. I don’t really drink tea but I tried it anyway. It was so good! It’s been helping me sleep better (I drink it before bed) and has helped my digestive problems. I love this tea!!

Love, love, love the Rooibos Toffee Caramel Creme. Tea. It has such a sweet smooth taste, like a dessert

Paradise Punch Tea

If you love tea, you will love this tea. Will most definitely be ordering some for everyone in my family. Delivery came sooner than I expected. Great product and packaged very well.

Chai Delights

Chai Delights tea is delightful

Wonderful Tea

This is an easy to drink tea. Mild, fresh flavor with a wonderful aroma. It has the slightest sweetness to it, which I love because I usually don't add anything to my teas.

Love it!

Quality Tea!!! I love knowing exactly what I'm drinking and where it is coming from. It's both delicious and soothing.

Perfect Chill Tea

Love this tea! It’s the perfect blend for relaxation. The peppermint is just enough to soothe any uneasiness.

Wonderful Teas

Very happy with the teas I've tried so far. The packaging is nice. I like that the tea bags don't have a string, the teas themselves are delicious and smell wonderful too. They were delivered quickly and in good condition. I look forward to trying more flavors soon.

Tea Amo Wellness Bundles: Restorative Wellness Pack
Best teas ever

I have now tried 5 of the teas from Tea Amo. They are all excellent! Not too sweet. Not sour at all. The best part is they have no caffeine, so I can drink them any time during the day, and they won’t keep me up at night. I plan to only order from them in the future.

Phenomenal tea

It's rare that you have a great tasting tea. You do not have to add anything to it. I already have to order some more.

Very calming

Love this tea. It definitely gives a natural calming affect and helps with my water retention.

Best tea

My favorite tea, you can taste the mint with lemon very refreshing cold or hot

Tea Amo Wellness Bundles: Restorative Wellness Pack
S.B. (New Mexico)
Excellent package

Very good blend of flavors! I always use just a teaspoon of sugar when I drink tea but these flavors needed no sugar at all. Pink Mornings was my favorite

Best tea

The best flavor I had in years. Will reorder in years.

Excellent service and product

Love everything about this company. Everything from the owners to the packaging. The tea is so good and relaxing. The owners are very friendly. Shipping was quick and the packaging is very nice.

Tea Amo Wellness: Reset Detox (Organic) Tea
A.W. (Tennessee)

The best tea i have ever partaking in. We order every month.